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How to import parameters

Import settings from ArtCut

This article will be useful only if you use the program ArtCut for plotting!

And this post is addressed to those people who have a plotter from the ARTKATI works, and from under eCut somehow silent.

Let's go ....
1 First, open the program ARTKATI, create a test object (cut it, we will not), and click the image on the panel of the plotter

2 Then in the dialog box to send objects to cutting plotter go to settings

3 In the Plotter Configuration tab is "Command Set" - this is the commands to be operated on a plotter. - These settings need to write, or just close the program

4 Now open Corel and also create a test object. Then run the program module cutting eCut (printer icon on the panel eCut), select our plotter in the list and go to settings

5 And here we enter ArtCut settings
Once you have done this, eCut with very high probability, will be adequate to work with your plotter.

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